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Kalos Labs brings Axiom Space NFTs to Space with Our Proprietary Bridge


Kalos Labs designed and orchestrated with NASA and Axiom Space a historic NFT drop from the International Space Station

Project Initiation

When a new collaboration opportunity arises for Kalos Labs – it begins with a feeling of excitement and wonder at the possibilities a new web3 project can bring.  After our initial meetings with the team from Axiom Space, we knew we were shooting for the stars.  They wanted to use our proprietary technology to take NFTs literally out of this world.  The idea that this project would involve initiating the minting from space was a challenge and opportunity for our team.

Let’s Bring the Spacewalker to Space

The Kalos team immediately knew the right artist to turn to: Michael Kagan.  His Spacewalkers would be perfect for this innovative NFT drop, but how could we really take this to the next level – Augmented Reality.  The lucky winner of the Spacewalker NFT auction would get an AR experience along with other utility. We even launched a “Spacewalker” Snapchat filter to increase awareness of the NFT collection.

Michael Kagan series of spacewalkers
Making this project accessible to everyone

The team at Kalos Labs also had several key considerations to keep in mind when developing the launch plan for the Axiom Space team. The first was the form payment that was accepted on the marketplace, while the crypto community and NFT collectors are familiar with doing things like connecting their wallet to a marketplace in order to purchase and transfer NFTs, the average space fan doesn’t have that level experience. That’s why the Kalos team developed both crypto and traditional payment options for the marketplace so all have the opportunity to join in on the auctions for this historic collection. 

Axiom Space Patch NFT - accessibly priced in two currencies
What will these NFTs do?

The second important consideration was the associated utility for the NFTs in the collection. The Axiom Space team wanted to give their budding web3 community rewards that complimented the uniqueness of this collection. We worked with their team to provide NFT owners exclusive access to experiences crafted around Axiom’s space missions along with early previews of upcoming events and access to additional releases. Some of the utility provided by certain NFTs in the collection include:

  • VIP & General Admission Tickets for a future launch

  • VIP Party Tickets for a future launch

  • Tickets to an Axiom Astronaut Dinner

  • The 1 of 1 Spacewalker NFT also comes with an exclusive Michael Kagan framed and signed 24x24 Print and a Virtual or In-Person visit to his studio in NYC

Using our web3 Bridge to go from Idea to Execution

There are many components that go into taking an idea from the drawing board and into space.  Our team has worked tirelessly on developing proprietary technology that will launch ideas into actions.  We knew to make this project work for Axiom, we needed to develop:

  • A custom Axiom Space NFT Marketplace

  • Custom Axiom NFT Wallets

  • Payments rails for both Crypto and Fiat currencies

  • And all the backend technology to make it seem flawless to the user.


The Kalos team worked diligently from three months before liftoff all the way through splashdown to make Axiom’s vision a reality.

Regular drops were deployed to keep anticipation and demand high for the whole campaign
Initiating Minting From Space

The last and most important consideration was how to make this NFT collection truly historic, to that end Axiom Space was able to set up and secure approval to have the minting of the NFTs in the collection be initiated by Commander Michael López-Alegría during the course of the mission. Commander Michael also got involved in creating NFTs himself with a photo he took during the mission of earth’s horizon being one of the standout pieces in the collection.

A Very Happy Customer

Kalos Labs' proprietary bridge is what facilitated Axiom’s first foray into the web3 world.  When it came to working with Kalos Labs, Tejpaul Bhatia, Chief Revenue Officer of Axiom Space, said “We were excited to debut the official Axiom Space NFTs to the global space community and Kalos Labs made that possible. They helped us bring our wildest ideas about what this collection could be for the space community to life and supported our first foray into the world of web3 serving as bridge to bring our brand into a new space.”    

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